March Movies


Disney’s Encanto follows a member of a magical family, Mirabel, who doesn’t have any gifts. When the magic begins to fade, Mirabel makes it her mission to prove to her family that she doesn’t need gifts to be helpful.

Encanto is a beautiful movie that shows the problems that tend to arise in large families, like being overshadowed by your siblings. This movie broke me in a way that hadn’t happened in a while (I cried 5 times). The music in this movie is also great as it was composed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of Hamilton. This movie is a great intro for Disney’s 2020’s and deserves a watch at some point.


The Batman

Bruce Wayne is in his second year as Batman and is tasked with finding a serial killer who goes by the name The Riddler, a man who wants to inflict as much damage to Gotham as nothing good has ever come out of it for him.

Matt Reeves’ The Batman is the most realistic take on the Dark Knight, but also the most dark. This gritty adaptation pulls off some of the best cinematography I have ever seen which really helps cement this as my favorite Batman movie of all time.


The LEGO Movie

Set in a LEGO dimension, an ordinary construction worker accidentally becomes “The Chosen One” and gets caught in a plot to overthrow the tyrant of the different LEGO worlds.

This movie is so good because it resembles the imagination of a kid playing with LEGOs like many of us have done. The visuals, acting, story, everything is awesome! A perfect movie to please the whole family.


The Iron Giant

A kid discovers a giant robot in the woods, but doesn’t want to let anyone find out. The government tries to take the robot away, but the kid tries his best to prevent his friend from being taken away.

This movie has so much heart and enjoyment stuffed into its top notch animation from the 90’s that it’s nearly impossible to dislike. Not many animated movies shine harder than Disney movies, but The Iron Giant ends up achieving that feat.