February Movies

Free Guy

Free Guy, directed by Shawn Levy, follows an NPC named Guy in an open world game who suddenly veers from his programmed path when a real player peaks his romantic interest.

This movie is one of the few movies to break free from the video game movie trap. Free Guy turns into this hilarious comedy that only really appeals to the current generation of people as it is filled with so many pop culture references that it’s hard to spot them all. Sure it has the problem of not aging very well, but currently, it’s great.


There Will Be Blood

Following a man trying to make a living in the oil industry, There Will Be Blood shows just how far this man is willing to go to be the best.

The acting in this film by Paul Thomas Anderson is truly a masterclass and includes the Oscar winning performance by Daniel Day Lewis who truly shows the villainy of this ruthless man. The film will always have you on the edge of your seat to see just what will happen next for the family who fell victim to the oil man. Great movie and is definitely worth a watch.


Wreck-It Ralph

The Disney movie Wreck-It Ralph follows a bad guy in a video game as he becomes tired of being seen as a bad guy. He leaves his game to see if there is any way to change how people saw him.

There is so much to like about this movie from the characters to the designs to the story. This movie truly shows how good a movie based on video games could be. The characters are charming and the relationship between Ralph and Venelope is so precious that it’s hard to not fall in love with them. This is one of Disney’s very best movies from the 2010’s and there is no doubt about it.


Lady Bird

Lady Bird is a coming-of-age story about a girl as she discovers who she wants to be. The film traverses through the dysfunctional family life as they seem to be growing further and further away.

This movie displays family in the most real way I have ever seen. It truly shows just how life is for a teen and how their relationships are between friends, family, and teachers. This movie is perfect and only watching it reveals just how good it is.